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Metro Chai - Ginger Snap
Metro Chai - Ginger Snap
Metro Chai - Ginger Snap
Metro Chai - Ginger Snap
Metro Chai - Ginger Snap

Metro Chai - Ginger Snap

$ 9.99
Introducing Metro Chai Loose Leaf. Our Chai is handmade from a unique blend of freshly ground spices and organic teas.

Until now the fantastic flavor of Metro Chai has only been available to customers in some of New York’s finest cafes. 

Ginger Snap has a HUGE flavor with cardamom, nutmeg, mint, ginger. Fragrant with black tea and a final kick of roasted black pepper and cinnamon.

 All of our Chai is handcrafted and blended to order by Metro Chai to ensure freshness and quality.


Key Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Organic Ginger, 

Brewing instructions

Like all teas, Metro Chai may be brewed to your personal tastes.

Portion size
Portion size for one eight-ounce cup varies from one teaspoon (approx 5 grams ) to two teaspoons, for a strong cup of tea.

Heating the water
The best way to heat up the water for your chai is to bring a teapot to a boil, and then turn it off and hold off for about one minute. Letting it sit will bring down the water temperature a little bit for better brewing.

Preparing the cups
The next step is to prepare the cups. This is not necessary when using thin, fine china, but if you are using a mug, or a cup with some mass it's good to warm up the cup. Pour in some hot water from the tap and then pour it out just before making tea.

To brew the tea, place the desired portion into a tea bag, tea ball or the teapot. Add the water and let the tea steep for about one minute.

Cream and sugar

Cream ( soy, almond, or coconut milk ) and sugar are traditionally added to chai. When adding these ingredients go a little heavy on the tea. A teaspoon and a half make an amazing and strong cup of chai.

Iced Chai

Follow the same previous instructions. However it's best to leave the tea in the water overnight and strain the next day, and this technique makes a great strong iced chai that should also be mixed down with your choice of milk.