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What and Who are Metro Chai?

    Metro Chai launched in January 2014 as a highly concentrated artisanal chai blend sold wholesale to local cafes and restaurants. It's handcrafted in small batches using filtered water and a flavourful blend of organic teas, cane sugar, freshly ground spices and botanicals. Our chai is lightly sweetened, so it's sweet, but not too sweet. Produced locally in Brooklyn, NYC. In the two years we've been in business, we've grown considerably. Expanding in cafes, introducing new categories of products such as our loose leaf chai, Metro Honey, and our Sugar N' Spice tea based scrubs.

     Michael Uman and Russell Moss ( AKA the Chai guys ) have been close friends since high school, having met on their Frisbee team. We know. Don't hate. They spent four college summers as roommates working in various restaurants on Martha's Vineyard, the island of beautiful beaches, cheap college labor and whale pants. Russ was attending the prestigious Johnson and Wales culinary school while Mike was pursuing a career in commercial arts and filmmaking at Temple University. Fast forward to late October 2013 when Russ shared his first Chai recipe with Mike. Russ had been developing it for several years, and it was finally ready for the world to know about it.

    Russ had already started selling some Chai to a few select cafes on the lower east side. After a brief discussion of what needed to be done to take it to market, the two longtime pals decided to join forces and become the Chai Guys. Michaels experience as a Creative Director / Entrepreneur complimented Russell's experience as an Executive Chef. Metro Chai is very much a small, lean startup. The two partners wear many hats and work diligently to bring their customers the freshest, best tasting Chai available.



Local NYC Cafes that serve freshly brewed Metro Chai