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How to Make our Fantastic Pumpkin / Chai Butter

  This pumpkin butter is rich and complex because I cook the pumpkin (or substitute with butternut squash) in Metro Chai and finish it with butter. You can spread it on bread in the morning, use it as cupcake frosting, put it in a tea sandwich or just eat it off a spoon. I love apple butter and prune butter, and they taste great because of the pectin in the fruit.  we add to the richness of the flavor by adding some butter to the recipe. As a chef, I do this frequently, and in this case, it creates a deluxe version of pumpkin butter. This pumpkin butter isn't preserved with sugar so keep it refrigerated and let it come to room temperature before using it, but if you just put it on hot buttered toast, it's great.


Makes 8 ounces


1 Tablespoon of Metro Chai - Naked Chai

1 cup water

1 Tablespoon of sugar

1 and one-half cup of diced pumpkin ( or butternut squash )

2 Tablespoons (salted) butter softened



Put the chai into a tea bag or tea ball

Add to a small pot with the water

Bring to a simmer

Add the pumpkin and sugar

Cook until the pumpkin is very tender

Remove the tea bag or tea ball

Allow to cool down to room temperature

Place the pumpkin without the tea into a food processor or blender.

Process until smooth

Place into a bowl and mix in the butter until it is fully incorporated.

Cover and refrigerate


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