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How to Make Amazing Broiled Chicken with Chai Infused Chickpeas

    I know that broiled chicken sounds kind of boring, but if done well it’s amazing. This is the over cooked stuff that people get in line for. Just think, yours will be freshly cooked, just right with no line. The chickpeas are so meaty and satisfying, they work well with almost any flavor. Here we are spicing them with chai and cumin, a very unusual combination. It's a mix of northern Chinese and a little Indian at the same time. I'm using two cooking techniques here because each of them produces something I love. Broiling gives that nice fragrant char to the chicken and braising the chickpeas in a flavorful liquid aside from being the only way to...

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Learn How to Create our Amazing and Easy Chai / Chocolate Bonbons

    These are truffles but without a chocolate coating. My friends are always amazed at these little flavor bombs not only because they taste great but because I control the level of sugar in them. The sweetness will also allow you to pair them with wine. I prefer something like a Gewurztraminer or a Barsac, but you can also use prosecco or red wines like an American red zin and Amarone from Italy. You can gift wrap the bonbons and give them as gifts, but you must first coat them with something yummy. They're flexible. Sugar, nuts, cocoa powder, sprinkles, chocolate cake crumbs (my favorite) all work well. You just need to ensure they stick. I will explain at...

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How to Make our Fantastic Pumpkin / Chai Butter

  This pumpkin butter is rich and complex because I cook the pumpkin (or substitute with butternut squash) in Metro Chai and finish it with butter. You can spread it on bread in the morning, use it as cupcake frosting, put it in a tea sandwich or just eat it off a spoon. I love apple butter and prune butter, and they taste great because of the pectin in the fruit.  we add to the richness of the flavor by adding some butter to the recipe. As a chef, I do this frequently, and in this case, it creates a deluxe version of pumpkin butter. This pumpkin butter isn't preserved with sugar so keep it refrigerated and let it come...

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How to Make our Fantastic Dirty Chai Bread Pudding with White Chocolate

     This bread pudding tastes a little like tiramisu, one of my favorite things in the world. It's sweet, melty, and delicious. I love bread, and with this recipe, I can use up my day old bread and turn it into something that tastes delicious. Most of the time we make bread pudding from stale bread. I do encourage you to use day old bread, because if the stale bread is too dry, it's difficult to get it to absorb all of the eggs and cream. Challah is great with this recipe, but any good bread will do. I love this with vanilla ice cream. I know that many of you'll try it with coffee ice cream, that's ok...

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How to Make Amazingly Simple Chai Applesauce

     If you've only had applesauce from a jar than homemade applesauce will be quite a revelation to you. The texture is much different, not as starchy, and it can be quite a bit tangier if you prefer. You can also pick your own apples which leads to lots of applesauce (as we tend to over pick). This particular applesauce recipe is made with metro chai infused from a simple tea bag. You won't believe how simple it is. Makes enough for a couple of days Ingredients 6 apples 1 lemon 2 teaspoons of Metro Chai Naked Chai 1 cup of water Method Peel and seed the apples and dice into large chunks (like 1 inch, or as big...

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