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Say So Long to Microbeads


    Surprisingly in early December, our somewhat dysfunctional government was able to agree unanimously on something and passed a bill phasing out the use of plastic microbeads in consumer products.  The bill’s definition of a microbead is — “any solid plastic particle” less than five millimeters in size intended for use as an exfoliant.  Products such as soaps, scrubs, and toothpaste all have these nasty ingredients. The bill is called the "Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 and can be found here.

   Why is this a good thing? Microbeads have been a major problem to our environment and us since they end up in the waterways through waste treatment, attract pollutants and toxins that end up getting eaten by sea life. The fish end up with these toxins and pass them along to anything that eats fish. In other words, they contaminate the food chain!

       Sugar N' Spice has always been entirely free of these terrible toxic ingredients.

   This new bill doesn't affect Metro Chai's line of Sugar and Spice Scrubs since we have never used microbeads and have only natural and organic exfoliants in them. When we developed our line of products we understood the problems that microbeads caused and sourced natural materials such as Coffee Grounds, Tea, Apricot seed powder, and ground walnut shells.Use them with confidence knowing that you are being green and not adding toxins into the food chain just for beauty and pampering purposes. 

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