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From Cold Brew to Sugar Scrubs

Sugar N' Spice our new line of Bath Time Treats

    Metro Chai is making Sugar Scrubs! What the what? It's not as crazy as you might think. Believe it or not, our Sugar Scrubs origin began this summer with my cold brew coffee obsession. After trying my first cold brew and reading so much about it, I started experimenting with cold brewing methods at home and comparing the effect and taste of various brands of coffee. During that same period, I kept running across listicles about green and sustainable uses for used coffee grounds while researching content for our Twitter account. Many of my feeds contain DIY, Recycling, and Upcycling content since I'm constantly looking for new ways I can recycle and repurpose items to reduce waste. I now had an overabundance of Coffee grounds, so I thought I'd put them to good use instead of just tossing them in the garbage. Every few days when the opportunity presented itself I would try something new with the coffee. I scoured pans with coffee grounds. I made wood stain with coffee grounds. I used it to reduce scratches in wood. I used it as a hair rinse ( does an excellent job of exfoliating the scalp and getting rid of build up) After finally using coffee as an exfoliating body scrub; I halted my coffee grounds game, and fell down a deep, deep rabbit hole of exfoliant bath scrubs. 


   Whenever I need to do research, my first destination is often Pinterest. It's been one of my favorite research tools since I joined. I started reading and researching more about Coffee scrubs, Tea Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, Salt Scrubs, Bath Tea, and Soaps. My scrub making experiments now joined and complimented my cold brew experiments. Every week I'd make new scrubs and try them out in the shower. I started combining ingredients that held different exfoliating properties and benefits. I also focused on using only natural ingredients and scents. Almost all of the necessary ingredients were on hand in abundance due to our Chai making activities. Like most guys I normally don't do much to my skin beyond bathing with soap and water and occasionally using some lotion in the winter months. I loved how my skin felt after using the scrubs during the months of experimenting. It was a small, pampering ritual that I had come to enjoy.  I got Russ involved with experimenting and testing as well and since he's a master chef, creating natural scrubs from fresh ground spices and Sugars was an easy step. We discussed and talked about our scrubs and what we discovered over the months and decided we should make some of our favorite scrubs available. We now bring you Sugar N' Spice, our final result of that journey down the Rabbit hole started by cold brewing coffee.

   Sugar N' Spice is handcrafted to order, just like our Chai and Honey. Our first two Scrubs are Dirty Chai and Sweet Tea, and we hope you like them as much as we do. We have more body scrub and bath ideas in mind for the future, so the testing of new bath time treat ideas and pampering continues.

Treat Yo Self! 








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