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Say So Long to Microbeads

         Surprisingly in early December, our somewhat dysfunctional government was able to agree unanimously on something and passed a bill phasing out the use of plastic microbeads in consumer products.  The bill’s definition of a microbead is — “any solid plastic particle” less than five millimeters in size intended for use as an exfoliant.  Products such as soaps, scrubs, and toothpaste all have these nasty ingredients. The bill is called the "Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 and can be found here.    Why is this a good thing? Microbeads have been a major problem to our environment and us since they end up in the waterways through waste treatment, attract pollutants and toxins that end up...

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Big Changes for Metro Chai in 2016

    2015 was an incredible year for Metro Chai. Thank you our awesome and amazing friends for being a huge part of that! Metro Chai Concentrates Now Use Organic Tea    We're happy to announce one of the big changes happening in 2016 for Metro Chai is we're now using organic and fair-trade Black Assam tea in all of our concentrates! Yay! One more step forward for us! We're also currently looking at organic spices were available for all of our products. Uber Rush    We will now be using Uber Rush for emergency deliveries for our concentrates outside of our scheduled delivery dates.  Payments for emergency deliveries can be charged or will be picked up on the next...

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From Cold Brew to Sugar Scrubs

Sugar N' Spice our new line of Bath Time Treats     Metro Chai is making Sugar Scrubs! What the what? It's not as crazy as you might think. Believe it or not, our Sugar Scrubs origin began this summer with my cold brew coffee obsession. After trying my first cold brew and reading so much about it, I started experimenting with cold brewing methods at home and comparing the effect and taste of various brands of coffee. During that same period, I kept running across listicles about green and sustainable uses for used coffee grounds while researching content for our Twitter account. Many of my feeds contain DIY, Recycling, and Upcycling content since I'm constantly looking for new ways...

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